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Our onsite self attending Tap “n” Go Green fee payments platform

vendi pay


Introducing our exclusive Vendi Pay terminal that is THE answer to all the (dis)honesty box problems at your course!

We know cash is fast becoming the dinosaur of currency, the younger demographic demands quick, simple experiences to play the game of golf…and Vendi Pay provides all that and more!

Vendi Pay terminal is the ONLY on site Tap “n” Go payment platform fully managed by Vendi Golf with built in loyalty rewards for the players at no cost to the clubs!

Committees will save hundreds of hours a year by not having to sift through envelopes, receipts and handling/banking cash – it never adds up anyway! Imagine the time savings with Vendi Pay, using our fully integrated payment and processing platform to put more revenue into the clubs coffers!

With Vendi Pay, we do it all for you. A vast majority of all transactions are now by card or digital payment – why are you still bothering with cash? You still can of course, but with Vendi Pay we will reduce your admin burden by up to 90%!

And for the time poor player, It takes just 5 seconds to pay your green fees with Vendi Pay – and they are on the course!

No more filling out receipts, no more fidgeting with envelopes, no more working out change – anyone under the age of 40 EXPECTS clubs to have a digital payment platform that is INSTANT, SECURE, SELF ATTENDING AND CONTACTLESS!

You’ll be collecting fees long after the club has closed for the day, especially in daylight savings!

Vendi Pay is even suitable for single operator Pro Shops who need to do lessons during the day and can’t afford labour to stay open – let Vendi Pay work for you!

How to Use Golf Club Vending Machine
Vendi Pay Monyx Wallet


Our Vendi Pay loyalty scheme in conjunction with Monyx Wallet… rewards every player using their Monyx Wallet to pay their green fees. They will receive CASHBACK on their green fees using the Shake to Win gamification feature – a sure winner for the younger demographic who WANTS to be rewarded for their loyalty.

Rewards are accumulated as cash in their account to spend at any of our growing list of venues, creating more traffic and more money in the clubs pockets – at NO COST to the club!

And Monyx Wallet deposits will attract a 10% top up bonus for every $30 deposited to their account… it’s that simple.


Vendi Pay isn’t just for green fees – collect buggy hire, different levels of green fee charges – even comp fees! Finally, an electronic solution to collecting members comp fees all day every day improving your prize pools.


All of this, for such a little impost and your club is in the 21st century – wherever you are.

  • No lock in contract
  • Self-installing
  • Plug and Play
  • Runs on even the weakest 4G signal with 99.9% uptime
  • 7 day a week live Australian call centre
  • One simple service fee per transaction
  • Single up front cost of $599 – that’s just a few rounds of green fees you aren’t capturing now!

Can your club afford NOT to have Vendi Pay? Get in touch using the form below and get that revenue you’ve always known was there, but haven’t seen it till now.


Vendi Pay Golf Club Vending Machine Payment System