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Online booking available year-round - select your club and send through the details to secure your Vendi Cart!

Vendi Carts are fully self attending!

At Vendi Golf, we want you to experience a great day on the course in Vendi Cart comfort and accessible in a very convenient way. All of our carts are equipped with the all the creature comforts you deserve! Esky, USB ports to charge your phone or use your GPS, sand bottles, bag cover, windshield - Vendi Carts have the lot!

Pre Book and Pay

Secure your golf cart ready and available when you arrive on your booked day. Simply make the email enquiry and receive an invoice confirmation to pay.

See a cart, hire a cart!

When you arrive at your Vendi Cart venue, access your cart in a simple 3 minute contactless and cashless transaction through the Vendi Machine!

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