Golf Industry

Australia’s First Self-Attending Golf Cart – Never Close Again!

Golf Cart Hire

Self-Attending Golf Carts

  • Flexibility to reduce/eliminate labour or wage costs or volunteer time costs by introducing Vendi Golf Machine which is open for business 24/7
  • Creates a new pipeline of revenue capture that would leak to 3rd party environments such as online golf stores
  • Reduces the need for consumers to bring their own drinks and snacks, increasing revenue and providing an impulse sell value add proposition
  • Vending of golf accessories earning the club a commission on every sale without inventory exposure
  • Vending of drinks and snacks via club owned stock increasing revenue whilst club is not trading
  • Price Point and data collection ensures product mix is based on known demand, and market trends providing consumers with more choice
  • Full automation and reconciliation of funds and banking
  • No impact on your normal trading inventories when the club is open
  • Merchant fees absorbed by Vendi Golf

Support available 7 days a week

  • Vendi Golf may purchase existing carts to replace/upgrade with Vendi Cart stock, earning club more instant revenue
  • Pricing is affordable and time sensitive, payment platforms flexible for price determination based on seasonality and time of day
  • Fully scalable model – data capture will determine utilisation, price points and peak period management
  • Club owned carts model using our tech also available