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Maffra Golf Club

The Spiritual Home of Vendi Golf! Any business has to start … Vendi Golf was no exception when in May 2020, after a couple of months of meetings, presentations and planning in a Covid-19 environment, Maffra Golf Club in Gippsland … Read More

South Pines

Lefty buckest list! Local legends, the Guy family, built this course on farming land around 1990, basically as a practice facility for the use of their son, Andrew, who at the time was an up and coming star left hander. … Read More

Newry Golf Club

Gippsland dairy country with a rich golfing history Small towns often have more holes on the golf course than per head of population in the town! Whilst not exactly the case at Newry, this little piece of farming paradise also … Read More

Lancefield Golf Club

In the heart of Central Victoria Lancefield Golf Club is one of those courses worth finding if you go looking of the main highway north of Sunbury between Romsey and Heathcote. On the aptly name Burke and Wills Track, local … Read More

Heathcote Golf Club

Our Newest venue! Located in the beautiful central districts of Victoria, surrounded by the spectacular rock formations in and around the greater Bendigo area, the Heathcote Golf Club offers one of Victoria’s best regional golf courses. Known for their magnificent … Read More

5 Short Game Strategies

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Best Golf Courses in Maui

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The Best Drivers of 2018

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Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.

Oscar Wilde

5 Top Things To Do At The Masters

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